Profiler Sólides: behavioral profile solution

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Ever come across Sólides Profiler before? Are you aware of how that tool can assist in improving people management within your organization? Well, outlining the behavioral profile of employees has a positive impact on organizational climate and, therefore, comes in handy for HR professionals when mapping people’s character and personality traits.

By deploying a couple of techniques, managers are able to delineate the profile of each staff member and thus stand a chance of enhancing the working environment. For you to obtain an accurate picture of this subject, we have written this article on how Profiler might give you a hand. Hope you enjoy reading it!

What is a profiler?

How well do you actually know your team? Are you familiar with the ups and downs of all your personnel? When do they struggle the most or what do they usually excel at?

Carrying out a profiling study which encompasses both teams and individuals is the first step towards mastering people management. First of all, as the individual profile is done, you will be granted more self-knowledge, gain awareness as to what your very strengths are, as well as your flaws, difficulties and competencies. That is an efficient way of spotting where you, manager, can develop.

Profiler also makes it possible for you to get to know your personnel better, to boost rapport, working environment and further working conditions. After all, that is a tool intended to make the management of staff more efficient.

For instance, some don’t get used to working late now and again. Others, however, are more flexible. There are those who can’t stand not having a lot on their plates. Also, some professionals are more hands-on and work through their days hands down.

As everyone is different, Profiler, aka behavioral profile, might give you all answers on who your employees are. It is a millennium-old study which has been currently applied worldwide!

It’s the tool which lead us towards properly mapping each worker’s profile. They’re the solid foundation which backs the tracing of behavioral characteristics before the rapidly changing everyday issues.


Learn more about the four profiling types

As we mentioned before, Profiler is this tool which will assist you in making a better picture of your staff profiles once it provides you with reports filled with their responses and traits before the challenges they will be faced with on a daily basis.

The four profiling types are easily remembered names and contain the main characteristic of the worker being evaluated. Such predominant characteristic, however, is not meant to give you all the answers on the employee’s behavior but to lead you towards the explanations you are seeking in order to have a comprehensive profile of the people comprising your team. Here they are:

  • Accomplisher
  • Communicator
  • Planner
  • Analyst

The usage of such tool goes far beyond than just labeling staff members. Profiler teaches both you and your employee how to handle your reactions and, thus, offering you self-knowledge, which shows you how to tackle issues, whether they are personal or professional. As a consequence, it will allow you to anticipate moments of weakness, deal with them and sort them out, which might turn you into a better self.

How could the Profiler impact your company’s organizational climate?

The Profiler is nothing but the mapping of staff’s behavioral profile, which ends up bringing better results to your company. After all, you will be in for a change to see things more closely, which can help improve working climate.

Also, it effectively motivates you team as you are able to select the training courses most likely to enhance the knowledge of staff and hence make them more productive.

A great upside is its effects on working climate once it helps improve interpersonal relationship. It also assists in identifying the ones who have trouble engaging with other people, those who are shier or more introvert, which makes it easier when it comes to coming up with suitable strategies so as not to prevent such professionals from performing well. 

What are the pros of using HR software and managing people better?

Sólides Profiler is the tool designed to provide your HR with superior people management as it sets the foundation for the solid relevant information you must be aware of regarding your team.

Using such technology to your advantage means taking a huge step towards positive changes within you business. The major benefits a profiling software renders you are the following:

  • → Counting on reliable information, as it features real-indicator reports and presentations, which minimizes mistakes and unnecessary extra work;
  • → Being able to process data, follow up operations and design strategies in order to develop the methods which get your staff committed;
  • → All info shall be found in one single place, making its access easier and faster.

Besides that, Sólides Profiler streamline processes such as:

  • Drawing talents into your business by mapping each behavioral profile as well as their competencies, spawning an efficient recruiting process;
  • Figuring out which staff competencies should be perfected so as to help them meet their targets;
  • Software info allows for wise decisions even when letting someone go. After all, you are given reports on each worker who is not performing well, that is, the ones who might not be kept by your company. Therefore, you can make a decision based on solid facts and be guided by reasoning instead of emotions.

Relying on such cutting-edge technology feels like starting afresh in terms of efficient management of people by thoroughly mapping each one’s profile.

Learn more on Sólides Profiler

The Profiler is the solution for a far more strategic people management and the tool which will assist you in developing your company and employees through behavioral profile. Also, all the necessary information on your staff will be safely and quickly at hand and hence speed the decision-making process.

It is the software which allows you to identify a professional’s behavioral profile. This tool was developed based on concrete concepts and approved world over. Its effectiveness ranks at 97 % and its main benefits are:

  • Increase in productivity: you are able to adjust each profile and effectively evolve your worker while production escalates;
  • Less spending on turnover;
  • Profiler features combination cluster analysis of four basic separate profiles, which provide individual traits as well as indicators and disconnected perceptions of the world. That strongly suggests everyone is unique while belonging to a group.

Wondering why you should have Sólides Profiler?

There you go:

  • You will make the most of your time and get a hold of strategic information in the short term. Besides, Profiler features a team analysis;
  • You will be granted great cost reduction as turnover plummets and unsuitable training courses and activities are wiped out. Once you know your staff profile, you can run effective training courses according to their competencies;
  • Sólides has been a tried and true certified business for over eight years;
  • Not only will you streamline recruiting processes but your everyday tasks will become easier, such as granting leaves of absence, carrying out training courses, giving promotions and nurturing your best talents.

In addition to all that, you can manage and grow individuals more properly. Lastly, by precisely pinpointing the needs of your staff with strategies that benefit their growth and bring value to your business, you may be able to efficiently work your way through and fulfill your expectations.

See? Being backed by Profiler is crucial and enhances internal processes. Demands such as professional growth opportunities, staff quality of life, pay equity, fringe benefits, stability and career ladder management are fundamental and may be watched more closely with such trustworthy tool!

Feel like growing your business and improve HR practices beyond recognition? Have a word with our experts and learn how Profiler can fit your business.